World of Yrg: Calendars

Calendar of the Year: High Elf

All months have 30 days. The five extra days are assigned to the equinoxes and solstices and simply fall between months. An extra day is added to the Winter Solstice for leap years, usually every 4 years.

Official measurements are performed for 15 days at the High Elven observatories during each equinox.

Day 1 VERNAL EQUINOX (Mar 21: Equal Days/Nights)
Days 2 – 31 Month of The GNOME (Mar 22 – Apr 20: Ram, Dog)
Days 32 – 61 Month of The ORC (Apr 21 – May 20: Bull, Pig)
Days 62 – 91 Month of The ELF (May 21 – Jun 19: Twins, Rat)
Days 92 – 93 SUMMER SOLSTICE (2 days) (Jun 20, Jun 21: Longest Days)
Days 94 – 123 Month of The GNOLL (Jun 22 – Jul 21: Crab, Ox)
Days 124 – 153 Month of The DEMON (Jul 22 – Aug 20: Lion, Tiger)
Days 154 – 183 Month of The GOBLIN (Aug 21 – Sep 19: Virgin, Rabbit)
Day 184 AUTUMNAL EQUINOX (Sep 20: Equal Days/Nights)
Days 185 – 214 Month of The DRAGON (Sep 21 – Oct 20: Scales, Dragon)
Days 215 – 244 Month of The DROW (Oct 21 – Nov 18: Scorpion, Snake)
Days 245 – 274 Month of The GIANT (Nov 20 – Dec 19: Centaur, Horse)
Day 275 WINTER SOLSTICE (Dec 20: Longest Nights)
Days 276 – 305 Month of The DWARF (Dec 21 – Jan 19: Goat, Sheep)
Days 306 – 335 Month of The HUMAN (Jan 20 – Feb 18: Man, Monkey)
Days 336 – 365 Month of The HALFLING (Feb 19 – Mar 20: Fish, Chicken)

Most good- or neutral-oriented cultures have adopted the Elves’ Vernal Equinox as New Year’s Day; most evil cultures use the Drow’s calendar with the Autumnal Equinox, if any. The notable exceptions are Orcs & Gnolls (Summer Solstice), Giants & Dwarves (Winter Solstice), and Humans (Human 1).

Various cultures view the seasons differently as well. Most monsters use the equinoxes and solstices as starting points of the seasons, whereas most civilized cultures usually adopt the Elves’ notion (of using them as markers between the first and second month of the season) or the Humans’ idea (of using them as midpoints of the seasons). So ANY month could be associated with the beginning of a season, depending on whom you ask, with the three breakdowns for spring, summer, fall and winter being Gnome, Gnoll, Dragon & Dwarf; Halfling, Elf, Goblin & Giant; and Human, Orc, Demon & Drow, respectively.

Days of the Week

Sunday Light (Sun Day) Air & Fire
Moonday Secrets (Moon Day) Air & Water
Duesday Blood (Tyr’s Day) Earth, Fire & Water
Windsday Death (Woden’s Day) Air
Earthday War (Thor’s Day) Earth
Fireday Rebellion (Freya’s Day) Fire
Chatterday Revelation (Saturn’s Day) Water

0.0 – 1 Muspelheim



“Home of Destroyers Gate”

Fire Elementals, Demons

The storm clouds over Niflheim swelled, and lightning cracked the skies for the first time, terrifying and mesmerizing the elementals below.

Storm elementals formed and showered the world with bolts of lightning and thunder, cracking and splitting the glaciers beneath them.

Then, in the midst of the raining chaos, on the southernmost island, utilizing the power of a lightning strike and the refracting nature of a deep ice cavern, a fire demon from another realm opened a gate into Niflheim.

At first the fire elementals poured through, but they quickly died when they fell upon ice and found themselves with nothing to burn.

The fire demons too who ventured forth found the ice of Niflheim inhospitable, until they turned on each other and soon found themselves with bodies to burn.

A pyre was gradually built with the bodies, and the ice around it melted and ran, while the demon blood saturated the ice underneath.

As more demons and even some fire elementals came through, scouting parties quickly explored the ring of Niflheim, missing the ice devils hiding in their caves.

Finding nothing to burn and a long and painful process of demonscaping ahead of themselves, an idea was formed for a new creation:


World of Yrg: Times of Day

Divisions of the Day

1 round 6 seconds  
1 minute 10 rounds 60 seconds
1 turn 10 minutes  
1 tour 12 turns 2 hours
1 day 12 tours 24 hours

1 “half-tour” = 1 “hour” (60 minutes)
1 eighth-day is a station (3 hours)
1 fourth-day is a cross (6 hours)
1 half-day is a pass (12 hours)

Stations of the Day

Calibrated every equinox

Sunbreak Sun on eastern rising horizon
Sunclimb Sun between rising horizon and apex
Sunreach Sun at apex
Sunfall Sun between apex and setting horizon
Sunset Sun on western setting horizon
Moonwake Full moon between rising horizon and apex
Moonhang Full moon at apex
Moonsink Full moon between apex and setting horizon

0.0 – 0 Niflheim



“Home of Mist”

Air/Mist/Ice Elementals, Ice Devils

In the beginning, the world was only a cold mist hovering over an endless icy black ocean.

Everything was dark, as the thick inky clouds above blocked out most of the starlight from  distant worlds, and the sun had not yet been lit.

Cold air and mist elementals swirled in eddys, creating layers of ice and snow that fell and floated upon the ocean below.

After a few millenia, a huge ring of glaciers had formed, made mountainous by the elementals’ endless games upon them.

On those slopes, ice elementals came into  being, and the world grew more powerful.

And deep within the cold dark caves in the heart of the northernmost glacier, ice devils entered the world.

Midgard was nothing but a cold still sea encircled within.  The waters lay covered by a cold mist through which the elementals skated with unearthly glee.

Above, the antics of the elementals below were creating movement in the clouds.

A great storm was brewing.

5.1 – The Chaos Burst

The party of adventurers stood over the bodies of the fallen hobgoblin guards and jailers within the small prison area scorched from magic, a row of makeshift prison cells filled with various humanoids beside them. The five of them — elven mage and ranger, dwarven cleric and fighters — had carved their way through the goblin caves and had just begun to venture into the caverns of the hobgoblins when they saw him again, Raxor Stormbringer.

The tall, dark and possibly insane dwarf paladin had abandoned them at the first sign of battle upon their arrival to these evil lairs, his actions strictly driven by random acts of cleromancy with cards, bones and dice, a lawful paladin trying to serve a chaotic deity. Now he lay unconscious on the floor in the farthest cell, the single male amongst the female prisoners. Or apparent female prisoners, as the case might be, as they had just seen one magical dweomer dispelled when the third cell’s hobgoblin “prisoners” suddenly attacked them with full armor and weapons.

But the battles were over now.  The party surveyed the rest of the room, looting the hobgoblin bodies and examining the remaining prisoners.

The bugbear in the first cell seemed crazy, and someone amongst the human, dwarf and elf in the second cell had helped the adventurers with an uttered clerical spell during the battle, but even as the ranger and one of the dwarf fighters debated on which doors to unlock, all attention turned to the unconscious paladin. He was glowing. Brightly.

Even the bugbear stopped babbling as everyone turned to see light exploding from Rexor’s face, his mouth slowly opening, and a fiercely red translucent Chaos Gem rising out of his mouth and into the air where it burst like a rainbow from a prism.

All consciousness faded. Or perhaps it was reality that faded.

A non-ascertainable time later, the deafening silence faded away, and the five of them slowly opened their eyes. Their bodies lay dead on the ground in front of them, the room had exploded, but where there were had been walls and an exit, there was now inky, swirly, liquid black void.

Another flash.

Each of them was in a new body. A prisoner’s body. The five of them stood in shock, the paladin still lying unconscious. Their original bodies were gone. The other prisoners were gone. The hobgoblin bodies were gone. The cell walls were demolished. Just the five of them standing in different bodies, in a room that was now just a small floor surrounded by a void, and a worthless paladin at their feet.

As they stepped out from the vanished cell walls and tried to regain what sanity they could muster, the group found a large cache of equipment that had been hidden behind a now-gone secret trapdoor and quickly armed their new selves, unsure of who was whom:

  • Elfonia Nightshade – the elven ranger, now in a weaker but more agile body, clad in studded leather and armed with a bow and scimitars;
  • Galon-We – the elven mage, now a more absent-minded genius, bearing his magic-enhancing staff in one hand and a short sword in the other, daggers hidden in the folds of his robes;
  • Father Flannigan – the dwarven cleric of beer, perhaps more bumbling in his ever-present tipsiness now, with mace, chainmail and shield, and a few darts hidden amongst his belt of many steins;
  • Huron Robleax – the dwarven fighter, ruder but stronger, with battle axe, chainmail and shield, plus javelins and dual-wielding light hammers to boot;
  • Ra-Ki Banereaper – the biggest change of all from a dwarven fighter to a half-orc barbarian in scale armor, doubling in strength what she lost in intelligence, armed with two-handed great axe, with javelins and dual-wielding hand axes on the ready.

Once the immediate shock of their own consciousness transfers and the loss of their former selves passed over them, after realizing that the almost-human she-hulk was one of their own, the party turned their attention to the void around and above them.







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